Foundations Counseling & Consultation Services, LLC

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Foundations provides mental health services to include counseling to children, adolescents, families and adults.  Services begin with a comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment to include diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  Additionally, Foundations provides Alcohol & Drug Assessments to adolescents and young adults.  Following the assessment, treatment recommendations and level of care are identified.  Foundations provides treatment at Level 0.5 and Level I for Alcohol & Drug services.  Referrals are made to an appropriate provider at Level II and above.

We have a variety of services including:

                                                                       $250/assessment ​

                                                                      $150.00/session ​

A sliding fee scale is available for those who qualify.  Please call with questions or if payment is a concern.

We are unable to accept insurance at this time. However, many health insurance companies will reimburse you for part or all of the fees you pay for counseling services with a Licensed Professional Counselor. This depends upon your insurance provider and your specific insurance plan. I will provide you a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurance company to seek reimbursement. You are fully responsible for the up-front and ongoing payment of your fees, and I cannot guarantee you will be able to obtain reimbursement.

Please take a minute to fill out the appropriate form form and bring it to your initial session.  

Forms can be found here: