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Group Counseling Services
Group counseling services may involve as few as 2-3 individuals or up to 8-10.  The number of group members is determined by the age of the individuals involved, the group topic, and goals of the group.  Group topics may include girls/boys process groups, skills training groups, anger management groups, and Alcohol & Drug education and treatment.  Group counseling sessions are between 60-90 minutes.  Each group member is screened prior to entering the group to assure the individual's goals match the goals of the group.  Confidentiality is stressed and highly valued within the group setting. 

Group rules:
1.  Be on time for group.
2.  Come prepared for group.
3.  No substance use prior to group.
4.  Only one person talks at a time.
5.  Respect all members of the group, including group leader.

Group Counseling Session is $50.00.  Please use the button below to purchase your Group Counseling Session using Paypal: