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Family Counseling Services
There are so many ways to define a family these days that extends outside of a traditional nuclear family model.  Family can reach beyond a biological link and can can include anyone that you believe to be supportive and "in your corner" as a champion of your goals, dreams and desire to live a happier and healthier life.  Families provide us with affection, protection, and a sense of belonging; they help guide and support their children as they grow to adulthood. Depending on the culture in which you live, your extended family may include only a few close relatives, or it can be as large as a village, tribe, or clan.  Family counseling can consist of any combination of family members and you and your counselor will determine who should participate in the counseling process.  At times, it may consist of varying family members, while other times, it may make sense to only have the parent/guardian present during the session.  

Your Family Counseling Session will last 50 minutes.  Some activities in your session may include understanding diagnosis, skills training, parent training, development of positive behavior support systems, collaborative problem-solving, communication skills, case management, and consultation with other care providers.  All sessions are solution-focused and strength-based and focused on honoring the dignity of the family.